Commercial & Industrial Products

  • Capacitors: MLCC, Tantalum, RF/Microwave, LICA, Power Film, SuperCaps, Polymers, Aluminum Electrolytics Power
  • Connectors: Wire/Board To Board, Battery, Stacking (Mobo), IDC-Insulation Displacement connectors, Memory, FPC
  • Semiconductors: IGBT devices and modules
  • Timing Devices: Crystal Oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, SPXOs
  • Circular connectors, molded cable assemblies, jacks & plugs, switches, audio/video patchbays
  • Harsh environment sealed connectors, cable assemblies, rated to IP69 (NEMA 250, 6P)
  • Audio connectors, jacks, plugs and cables.
  • Made in the USA
  • Resistors: Thick/Thin Film (MIL-PRF-55342), Zero Ohm (MIL-PRF-32159), Resistor Networks (MIL-PRF-914) primarily for Space Applications.
  • Human Interface Solutions: CAN bus panels, optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks and push-buttons; all with finely tuned haptics.
  • Grayhill specializes in creating ergonomic panels and product shells that integrate various interface technologies, including displays, touch & motion sensing.
  • Slip Rings: Fluid Rotary Unions, Fiber Optics and combination units. Power, Ethernet, HD Video and GbE slip rings.
  • Torque Motors: Frameless DC Torque motor separates, from 1.5 – 24” through-bore style. For gimbal joints, radar, optics, and sensors. Standard and custom.
  • Other Motion Components:
    Twist Capsules, Fiber Optic Rotary Joints, Fiber Optic Multiplexers, Resolvers, Higher Level Assemblies, Combination Devices, Customs.
  • DC Brush and brushless motors, small, off-the-shelf mechatronic components. Helical, spur, screw and worm gears, pulleys, belts, shafts,
    couplings, sprockets, and associated hardware.
  • High quality precision gears and gear assemblies
  • Large inventory of high-quality small inch and metric bearings from major manufacturers.
  • Displays: TFT Touchscreen LCDs, optical bonding, thermoplastic assemblies, IP rated, standard and custom.
  • Injection Molding design and production.
  • Insulation: for acoustic, thermal and EMI/RFI. Gaskets, molded foams, Formex, integrated and assembled solutions using foam, sponge, plastics, rubber
  • Air movement and cooling products, induction
    motors, and specialty heating applications
  • High Performance AC/DC Fans, standard fan trays, AC and DC Blowers, crossflow fans, HVAC blowers, box fans and duct fans!
  • EMI Suppression Components: Power Line Filters, Input Modules, Three Phase Filters, RFI Suppression, Power Cords, Chokes, Ferrites, IEC Inlet
    Filters, Feed Through Filters, Dual Stage
  • Tailored and custom solutions.
  • RF Connectors: Full lineup of RF connectors and cable assemblies. Both 50 ohm and 75 ohm capable for higher volume commercial applications.
  • DC/DC SMT and board mounted Power conversion modules
  • ASIC / SoC / SIP and silicon IP, ARM cores, and design services.
  • PCI Gen 3/4/5 & Serdes 56G, DDRs. FPGA-Go-ASIC Service
  • Modular Battery Systems for large power systems