Space Products

  • Capacitors: RF/MW, thin film ultra tight tolerance
  • Antennas: Passive/active antennas for most RF applications.
  • Frequency: Crystal Oscillators, TCXOs, VCXOs, SPXOs, OCXOs, Low-G OCXOs, LEO Space OCXOs, MROs W/Distribution, Freq Gen Units (FGU) GPS Disciplined
  • SAW Devices: Filters,  Duplexers, Quadplexers
  • RF/Microwave Cables DC to 110Ghz
  • Test cables to 70Ghz, Flexible and Semi-Rigid,
  • Connectors, adapters, phase/delay matching and
    Space Rated, TVAC
  • Amplifiers: Low Phase Noise, LNAs, and High Linearity Amps
  • Limiters: Limiting Amps, Limiters & Modules
  • Microwave Filters: Lumped Element, Cavity, Printed, Ceramic, Suspended substrate, Tubular, and SAW filters
  • Frequency: SAW Oscillators, FMOs, MRO PLO DTO DRO CROs
  • Passive RF Components: Phase Shifters, Rotary Joints, Control devs
  • Opto-Fire: micro-optical transceivers for harsh environs.
  • End launch, flanged, thread-in, and cable connectors, instandardized interfaces.
  • Resistors: Thick/Thin Film (MIL-PRF-55342), Zero Ohm (MIL-PRF-32159), Resistor Networks (MIL-PRF-914) primarily for Space Applications.
  • PTFE/woven glass laminates for microwave, RF and high speed
    digital apps.
  • Bond Plies
  • Prepregs
  • Thermoset Resins
  • Power Amps: GaN and GaAs Power Amplifiers to 1kW pulsed.
  • Low Noise Amps: GaAs based, Sealed aluminum-packaged
  • Rack Mount Amps: 19” rack mount for commercial applications
  • Filters: DC-40 GHz Custom Lumped Element, Cavity/Combline, Ceramic, Tubular Microwave Filters in SMT and connectorized.
  • Standard and custom MMIC’s and ASIC’s: from DC-100Ghz, Power Amps to 200W and foundry services for GaN and GaAs.

  • Space Qualified devices: Amps, Attenuators, LNAs, Detectors, Down
    converters, core chips, Mixers, Multipliers, Oscillators, phase
    shifters, Power Dividers, Switches. Foundry

  • High Rel Magnetic components for Defense, Aerospace, & Space.
  • QPL Inductors, Transformers
  • Ferrite beads for RF/Microwave
  • Power electronics, & Pulse & Data bus.